Branding for the Employer Bubble?

27. May 2017By Markus LeiterUncategorized No Comments

Employer Branding is en vogue. As a buzzword on the web and also as a new, most welcome business area for marketing agencies. There’s just one tiny little problem: but how can you illustrate its effectiveness? Simple answer: by measuring the achieved goals connected with Employer Branding after a while. Just count the number of incoming … Read More

Cool Employer Brands are stupid!

22. November 2016By Markus LeiterUncategorized No Comments

Ok, uncool Employer Brands are stupid too! But that’s not the point. The point is that we have a picture (or a categorical imperative?) in our minds that branding is all about being/appearing to be cool. That is, of course, true if you are the marketing manager of a fashion-company for skateboarders.But what if you run … Read More